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I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin, supervised by Dr. Danna Gurari

I am currently working on the design of vision to touch, touch to language, and vision to language information technologies that make information accessible non-visually.

I also study multi-modal information literacy and maker education for all and am committed to cultivating collaborations with and between community members/practitioners, and scholars. 

I received my Ph.D. from the ATLAS (Alliance for Technology Learning and Society) at the University of Colorado, advised by Dr. Tom Yeh.

Recent News/Highlights:

July 2020. Awarded a Computing Innovation Fellowship by the Computing Research Association, through the support of the National Science Foundation, to work on “Safeguarding Visual Privacy” at the University of Washington with Dr. Leah Findlater.

June 2020. ASSETS 2020, Paper accepted, titled: Visual Content Considered Private by People Who are Blind. In collaboration with Kristina Shiroma, Bo Xie, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, and Danna Gurari. 

December 2019. CHI 2020, Paper accepted, titled: “Person, Shoes, Tree. Is the Person Naked?” What People with Vision Impairments Want in Image Descriptions. In collaboration with Meredith Ringel Morris and Danna Gurari.

December 2019. CVPR 2020, Workshop proposal accepted, titled: VizWiz Grand Challenge: Describing Images from Blind People. https://vizwiz.org/workshops/2020-workshop/.  In collaboration with Danna Gurari, Meredith Ringel Morris, Edward Cutrell, Jeffrey Bigham, Yinan Zhao.

December 2019. AGU Fall Meeting, Invited Speaker, session One Accessible Universe, Bringing the Exploration of the Universe to Everyone: One Small Step at a Time.” Chaired by Trae Winter and Carolyn Ng.

October 2019. Microsoft AI4Good Summit (Accessibility and AI track), Invited participant and speaker. Next Generation Image Caption Systems.

October 2019. ASSETS 2019, Paper accepted and presented. “Problems of Practice Impacting Inclusive Tactile Media Consumption and Production. In collaboration with Ann Cunningham, Lou Ann Blake, and Tom Yeh.

October 2019. ASSETS 2019, Experience Report accepted and presented. “Making Nonvisually: Lessons from the Field”. In Collaboration with Cynthia L Bennett, Alexa F Siu, and Joshua A Miele.

June 2019. Began Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin, supervised by Dr. Danna Gurari, Working in collaboration with the Microsoft Ability Initiative. 

June 2019. CVPR 2019, Paper acceptance and presentation. VizWiz-Priv: A Dataset for Recognizing the Presence and Purpose of Private Visual Information in Images Taken by Blind People”. In collaboration with Danna Gurari, Qing Li, Chi Lin, Yinan Zhao, Anhong Guo, Jeffrey P. Bigham.

May 2019. Earned Ph.D. in Technology Media and Society from the ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder.

June 2018. ASSETS 2018, Paper accepted and presented. “BrowseWithMe: An Online Clothes Shopping Assistant for People with Visual Impairments” . In collaboration with Esha Kothari, Suyog D. Jain, Tom Yeh, Kristen Grauman, Danna Gurari.

Feb. 2018. CVPR 2018, Poster and workshop accepted and presented. “VizWiz Grand Challenge: Answering Visual Questions from Blind People”. In collaboration with Danna Gurari, Qing Li, Anhong Guo, Chi Lin, Kristen Grauman, Jiebo Luo, Jeffrey P. Bigham. *Our work on creating the VizWiz dataset was covered in MIT Technology Review.

May 2017/2018. Recipient of the 2018 University of Colorado STEM Chancellors Award.

2016. Co-Author and Recipient of a 3 year  NSF Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers Grant.

2014. Keynote Speaker: Conference on Library Services for the Blind in Multiethnic Regions. Bashkir Regional Library for the Blind, Ufa, Russia.