CU Boulder STEM Chancellor’s Fellowship Awardee! (2016-2017)

I am very excited to have been selected as a recipient of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Graduate Awards for Excellence in STEM Education.

The purpose of this research is to design and evaluate the Tactile Picture Book (TPB) Intervention and further study learning conditions and activities in informal learning environment (libraries in particular) that effectively support students’ STEM competencies and dispositions. During formative research (Stangl 2014a; Stangl 2015), my collaborators and I identified that the unique human-centered design task of designing and Making 3D printable tactile pictures is ideal design task for attracting demographically diverse students—with and without visual impairments (VI)— to STEM-focused creative activities, all the while requiring students to develop and integrate a suite of STEM, art and literacy skills and dispositions (including 3D design and fabrication, multimodal composition, agency, persistence, and self-regulation, and collaboration and innovation). This study will involve developing a curriculum through participatory methods with students from the Colorado Center for the Blind, and assessing the design and implementation of the TPB Intervention across four library sites with middle and high school students, and community mentors.

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